Date Conférencier Titre
22/03/2018 Dr Jean Charles Guery "Biais de sexe dans la réponse TLR7: une affaire de dosage"
23/03/2018 Dr Zsolt Sebestyen "A new generation of CARs in cancer immunotherapy. TEGs: T cells engineered to express a defined gamma delta T cell receptor"
29/03/2018 Journée Thématique "imagerie Fonctionnelle Des Organoides Journées thématiques GDR Imabio Imagerie fonctionnelle des organoïdes
30/03/2018 Dr Manuel Valiente "The complexity of reactive astrocytes and how it can be translated to novel therapies for brain metastasis."
06/04/2018 Dr Alan Serrels "New connections in cancer / host immune signalling"
12/04/2018 Dr Franck Oury "Autophagy is required for brain cognitive fitness and its induction can reverse age-related memory decline."
26/04/2018 Dr Conrad Nieduszynski "Temporal regulation of genome replication"